Free Papers

Philile Ngcampalala
A survey of tissue banking activities on the African continent

Ana Sterrenberg
A 5-year retrospective study of orders vs delivery of cancellous bone products and the shortfall of allograft availability to the SA and SADC market

Hans van den Heever
Tissue engineering of bovine pericardial tissue in the circulatory system of a young ovine model

Jethro Hundling
A GMP method of SVF extraction and storage of clinical application

Marais Steyn
A three year review of the CTE’s skin banking experience

Sarita Mans
Improvements to the femoral head collection initiative to increase the availability of cancellous bone for bone products in SA from July 2018 to June 2019

Lavendri Govender
New developments and innovation in transplant diagnostics offered by the SANBS, tissue immunology laboratories

Rhyleen Chauke
An evaluation of different chemical processing methods on human bone and the effects thereof.