Vision & Mission Statement

There is a need for the Tissue banking industry to take responsibility for its own future and development due to a lack of government capacity and funding, but this can only be achieved through agreement, cooperation and knowledge sharing between the various stake holders.


To unify, align and develop the industry through the collaborations between members as well as Government, partners and international role players.

To promote:

  • Global tissue banking standards
  • Collaborations between members as well as Government, partners and international role players to the primary benefit of patients
  • Greater access to cells & tissues
  • Equality and fair utilization of cells & tissues
  • Fair & ethical tissue procurement, banking and distribution
  • Protect and respect patient privacy, dignity and preferences


SATiBA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support all South African tissue banks in regulatory/legal matters, data collection, training, accreditation, quality assurance, communication, collaboration, and more.


Our foundations are firmly built on fair, objective and ethical practices that protect the privacy, dignity and best interests of our patients, partners and colleagues alike.

  • SATiBA value integrity and rely on the trust and support of the community and its members it serves through transparency and professional conduct
  • SATiBA value compassion and honour its donors and their families. We are respectful of the gift of life and give tribute to its power through community education.
  • SATiBA value quality and strive to uphold stringent standards to ensure high quality in products that will be to the benefit of recipient patients.
  • SATiBA value responsiveness and operates in a detailed oriented manner to ensure we meet the needs of our members, partners and the community we serve.
  • SATiBA value education and recognises that education is needed to uphold public trust and ensure the effectiveness of tissue banking.
  • SATiBA value innovation and support development towards improved programs, service expansion and research and technology
  • SATiBA value respect for both death and life and the legacy and hope left behind by donors.