Keynote Speaker

Kurt Shutterly
Centre for Organ Recovery & Education, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • A multi-dimensional approach to donor eligibility
  • A systematic process for deploying and measuring donation requests that leads to high authorization and conversion rates
  • Maximizing donation by partnering with the donor hospital and creating a culture of donation

Guest Speakers

Prof Anne Pope
Private Law department,
University of Cape Town

Principles and practices – adequate informed consent for receiving human biological samples

Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi
Traditional healer, Gauteng
African Spirituality and Culture as a gateway to engage with families around tissue and organ donation

Ms Veruksha Bhana
SA law reform commission
Issue paper 32, the right to know one’s own biological origins

Mr Khamusi Mutoti
Medicines Control Counsel of SA
Role of SAPHRA/MCC in regulation of blood, blood components