Free Papers

Freddy Mnyongani
Individual autonomy and limits: the case of tissue donation in SA

Dr Nikki Allorto
Pilot survey amongst health care workers on skin donation

Sandra Venter
A three year retrospective study of the influence of donor selection on the quality failure rate of musculoskeletal donor tissue

Dr Lawrence Gobetz
Experience of the first African egg bank as a source of eggs for a Reproductive Medicine Unit

Marco Alessandrini
Establishment of a public cord blood stem cell bank for SA

Juanita Mellet
Constituting a public umbilical cord blood stem cell bank in SA

Geert Kuit
Umbilical serum eye drops in the treatment of ocular surface disease

Tshego Nkontlha
The efficacy of sterilization using 25kGy dose of gamma irradiation on allograft tissues

Hans van den Heever
Impact of prolonged post mortem cold ischaemic time on tissue integrity and leaflet calcification in the juvenile sheep model

Rhyleen Chauke
Alternative approaches for extracting BMPs from human bone

Carla Dessels
21 years of umbilical cord blood banks: the treatment landscape